Easter Season Scams


Easter is a major Christian festival that celebrates the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Malicious actors are likely to take advantage of the season to perpetuate online fraud or scams. The Cyber Security Authority (CSA) is by this alert reminding the public to exercise caution and due diligence during their online activities.

Modus Operandi

Online Shopping Scams:

Malicious actors create fake online shops or impersonate existing businesses on social media pages, offering heavily discounted goods. Victims are enticed to send money for these deals but never receive the items.

Mobile Payment Services Fraud:

Malicious actors trick unsuspecting victims into sharing their mobile money wallet PIN. The scammers then proceed to make unauthorised payments or transfers from the victim’s wallet.

Courier Service Scams:

Malicious actors impersonate workers of a legitimate courier service and lure unsuspecting victims to believe they have a package that needs to be delivered for a certain fee. No delivery is made after the victims make the payment.


  • Be cautious of unsolicited emails or messages offering exciting or “too good to be true” deals connected to the Easter celebration.
  • DO NOT share your personal information such as your credit/debit card information or bank account details with anyone, especially if you do not know them well.
  • Use only reputable online marketplaces or retailers when purchasing items or gifts. Look for reviews and customer feedback and always insist on payment AFTER delivery.
  • Do not pay any delivery fees for goods you did not order.

Contact the Cyber Security Authority

The CSA has a 24-hour Cybersecurity/Cybercrime Incident Reporting Points of Contact (PoC) for reporting cybercrimes and for seeking clarification and guidance on online links and transactions;Call or Text – 292, WhatsApp – 0501603111, Email – report@csa.gov.gh

Issued by Cyber Security Authority
April 3, 2023