In pursuit of its comprehensive strategy to instil a culture of digital hygiene among the Ghanaian public, the Cyber Security Authority (CSA) used the 2023 edition of the National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) to educate the staff of the Ghana Institution of Engineering on maintaining good cyber hygiene.

Mr. Isaac Mensah, an officer at the CSA, guided the staff through a workshop, providing a full briefing on the CSA's mandate as well as shedding light on the many dangers and vulnerabilities faced by individuals and organisations in the digital arena.

Highlighting the dynamic nature of cyber threats, he stressed the necessity for constant awareness, admitting the constant modification of criminals' means of operation.

"We must all remain vigilant, recognising the importance of staying up to date on the latest cybersecurity challenges," Mr. Mensah said as he delved into the complexities of cyber fraud and highlighted current strategies used by hackers in their nefarious operations.

To empower the audience with practical knowledge, he shared a few safety tips, advisories, and best practices for cybersecurity to equip the staff of the Ghana Institution of Engineering with actionable insights to securely navigate the digital landscape.

Mensah reiterated the commitment of the CSA by highlighting various incident reporting points of contact and emphasising their operational availability.

Sharing their thoughts, the engineers expressed appreciation to the CSA for delivering on its mandate by ensuring that the public is well informed on cybersecurity trends.