The Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) intercepted a total sum of US$6.5 million in suspicious cyber-related inflows into Ghana in the last two years, the Chief Executive Officer of the Centre, Mr. Kwaku Dua, has stated.

He added that the Centre registered $45.2 million in suspicious inflows into the country in 2019, with about $40 million of that amount being cyber-related instances, including romance scams and business email compromise (BEC).

“In 2022, the FIC recorded approximately GH₵6 million in crypto-related transactions alone. We have over the years witnessed a growing trend of direct cyber-related cases,” Mr. Dua said this at an FIC cybersecurity awareness event in Accra jointly organized with the Cyber Security Authority (CSA).

It was on the theme “Promoting Cybersecurity Consciousness” and formed part of the month-long National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) 2023, spearheaded by the Cyber Security Authority (CSA) under the national theme “Promoting a Culture of Digital Safety”.

The FIC, as a member of the Joint Cybersecurity Committee (JCC), used the event to educate its employees on various safety nets to stay digitally secure and the dangers associated with clicking malicious links while on the internet.

The CEO expressed concern about the rising trends of cybercrime, noting that it was crucial to acknowledge the rapidly evolving digital landscape and that Ghana, like many nations around the world, had witnessed a significant digital transformation.

“This has ushered in unprecedented opportunities, making our lives more convenient and connected than ever before. However, with these opportunities come new challenges and risks, particularly in the realm of cybersecurity, Mr. Dua added.

He gave the assurance that the government, on its part, continues to provide the appropriate resources, the policy direction, and the political commitment towards providing a safe digital space for the nation.

He commended the exceptional leadership of Dr. Albert Antwi-Boasiako, Director General of the Cyber Security Authority for enhancing the safety of Ghana’s cyberspace. He applauded the CSA for being at the forefront in developing and implementing strategies, policies, and initiatives to protect our digital infrastructure and information”, Mr. Dua asserted.

The Director-General of the National Information Technology Agency, Mr. Richard Okyere-Fosu, who delivered a speech on behalf of the Chairman of the JCC, Dr. Albert Antwi-Boasiako, said the cybersecurity engagements being embarked upon by the JCC institutions were purposed for heightened awareness of cybercrime and cybersecurity concerns among stakeholders and staff.

He commended the FIC for implementing the cybersecurity awareness initiative, which is pivotal to their role as the guardians of Ghana’s financial intelligence mandated to safeguard the country’s financial integrity.

Ernest Obeng Boateng, educated the participants in a presentation on the various cybersecurity threats, such as phishing and ransomware attacks, that compromise the integrity of an information system.