Staff at the Cyber Security Authority (CSA) have been urged to appreciate "the trinity" of the Authority's features as a public, corporate, and security sector entity to establish the necessary mindset and attitudes for the Authority to fulfil its vision.

Dr. Albert Antwi-Boasiako, Director-General of the CSA, made the call during a two-day retreat for the Authority's work force, stating that the CSA’s trinity character put it in a unique position to deliver outstanding results.

He emphasised the potential benefits of merging aspects of the private, public, and security sectors within an organisation, while encouraging employees to remain firm and maintain their resilience and exemplary performance.

The National Coordinator of the Boundaries Commission, Major General Dr. Emmanuel Kotia, also engaged the staff of the Authority on professional practices expected in a security sector institution and emphasised the need to adopt values such as loyalty, humility, enthusiasm, and self-discipline.

He commended the Authority's endeavours in creating a secure digital space for the country and applauded the commitment that has made the National Cyber Security Awareness Month held in October every year popular among the citizens.

Mr. Samuel Boafo, a consultant in human resources, lauded the Authority's efforts as he highlighted the adoption of a private sector working style by the organisation despite its public sector nature.

He urged the management and staff to incorporate private sector work ethics such as professionalism, accountability, efficiency, and result orientation into the Authority's existing practices to ensure its continued success.